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2011 whites will be the face of Trabzon
2011 whites will be the face of Trabzon
Trabzon Governor Dr. Recep Cornelian Cherry, Olympic Head Coordinator Mehmet Atalay ...

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Trabzon Governor Dr. Recep Cornelian Cherry, Olympic Head Coordinator Mehmet Atalay, the Olympic Sub-Coordinator Nihat Toker, Executive Vice President M. Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Ali Babacan and the Sheriff agreed to free the authorities.

    Recording is very popular sport in Trabzon Governor Cornelian Cherry, "the Karadeniz'imiz at Trabzonspor and sports Trabzon'umuz very different. All branches of sports are popular in Trabzon and our country in the international sense can represent serious plant made. "He said.
Head of Olympic Coordinator Atalay at the headquarters during the important work that its signature phrase at the Governor Cornelian, continued his speech said: "I really have the general manager during the 2011 Olympics and in the context of what made seen as a guarantee I want to express.

     In 2011 a very serious meaning for the sports facilities were not needed. 5 thousand people already in the gym of the tender was made. 2011 Olympics as well as our country worthy Trabzon'umuza quality and standards in the old desire to be done. In 2007, the Black Sea with the output flux, we face 2011 Olympic Games How To be To be or think we will face in flux. "
Welcome to the Governor of the Cornelian Atalay, "Batman in the eyes filled with the work you do have one of the governor. Very important to a city like Trabzon were assigned. I wish you success. Trabzon, 2007 Black Sea Games with flux conducted face expand. Our prime minister said yesterday at the Count. 2011 a very important organization. Olimpiyatıdır of Europe 2011. This organization to do with our Anlı flux heart I believe. "He said.
Important work in terms of plant life they begin to spend underlines the Atalay, "I believe it would be highly compatible organizations. This organization will make it so beautiful that people will bite your fingers. "He said.

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