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FIRST PRIMARY by the Alumni,
In Trabzon until 1988 glass, bakery, jewelry, courier, local management, bus management, who have made our company's founder, Rifat South (deceased) courage, entrepreneurship, diligence, and perform first with the "come to the fore was a very colorful personality is. 

        In 1988, a different job in March, Rifat South in search of arms.
At a meeting in Trabzon travel agency business is not certificated with a sense of thought on this job. Necessary capital for business travel agency certificated was 35 million liras. This work is being considered in the Sarp border gate between Turkey and the Soviet Union 's will open probability was not even pronounce.
A travel agency will be the first to Trabzon infrastructure work started. Webpage was determined to get permission. Work, how? In what way? Whom we like to do a working feverishly began. Summarize tourism win, we ladle.
Between the months of March and August 1988; glass, bakery, jewelry, courier, local management, bus management, travel agency and will be in place in front of sold fruit and vegetables won, Tirzik (Aktoprak) father in the village, farmers, construction master, woodcutter, Hacı Osman South of th gang dusty, floury, wrinkled, wet with the money 
By the Ministry of Tourism, date 10.08.1988, No. 1682 With A Travel Agency Business Sarp border gate with the name of the document from the field, Sarptur Tourism, was officially established. (Time of the Head of Department Tülin Erengür).
Decedent on August 31, 1988 when Prime Minister Turgut Ozal to the Sarp Border Gate Travel Agency Sarptur, doors and door entrance from the first days to the agency as a partner who was there first.
Sarp gate and Tourism Sarptur from our country and our region, Garba in front changing something in front Sarp or changing will be a lot, with posts 24 hours a day, in every day and thousands of highway entrance and exit for people who transport, meals, accommodation services have started. At that time tourism was done mainly by road luggage. Then Sarp, Trabzon and Samsun in the area of the coastal and border trade began. In this context, the agenda came by sea transport. (1990)
In 1992 the Trabzon Airport runway but the landing-takeoff aircraft propeller could do. Trabzon as the first, MAS Aviation (Text-Ali Şen) company of 50 people from the propeller aircraft (AN 24) by renting air transport between Istanbul-Trabzon Our experience began. Group of Companies, the firm later Kavala EUROPEAN TOUR large aircraft leased from the first, Istanbul-Erzurum, Istanbul-Kars direct flights were carried out.
Again in the year with 994 aircraft leased to Russia to Samsun in the first as the city of Stavropol, Stavropol Stavropol-Samsun-flights were performed. These flights continued for 2 years.
Kars International Airport will be the day, one from Baku, Moscow ötekisi from firms to bring the two planes full of tourists stopped Sarptur.

Car Air Transportation experience with aircraft after the Special Air Path Can we build? Thought occurred. What is done? How? In the form of research was started. Director General of Civil Aviation has been meeting with. (O ever General Manager Ihsan Kabadayı) Subsequently Russia's national air company Aeroflot Road 'tan 2 AN 24 (50 persons) aircraft, 1 MI8 (18 pax), 1 K9 (8 persons) helicopter, renting've made it through the national . First, an Airlines Company Trabzon, Karadeniz Airlines Inc. established. Haci Osman and Asiye aircraft, helicopters and anchovy names Muhtar also was placed on the flight.
Airlines leased aircraft as well as with our other Black Sea, Baku, Tashkent, Bishkek, Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, the city of Sochi flights Simperefol intensively continued. In addition, the first domestically again, Trabzon-Antalya, Trabzon-Izmir, Trabzon-Samsun-Antalya flights were performed. Airlines of the activities of our company with effect from Trabzon Airport as flight density in Turkey 3 order was placed. At that time, the Turkish construction companies in Russia business areas (Enka, Idil, Baytur) activities Krasnodar, Sochi city, such as contributing to the material and labor as we move.
Helicopter Air Transport in the city and the highlands tours, from Trabzon Samsun, Hopa Sarp and flights are carried out. Also in the snow in winter and rescue the remaining stranded elections were organized trips for the flight. Yurt in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Gaziantep, Kars, we opened branches in the cities. Dada with a hotel to rent by Antalya Hotel Management've done. Predominantly agricultural and trade activities mentioned during the approximately 100,000 dollars each day in our region by providing input to the various sectors have important contributions.
Our company, land, sea, air transport, the neighboring countries falling within the scope of tourism,
All kinds of developments to increase the drop-Sarp border gate by opening the horizons opened up.
After the economic crisis in 1994, our company has started to reduce their activities and many activities also ended.
As of today, IATA, Turkish Airlines and other Private Airlines reservations and ticket sales of the company focusing on customer services, according to the principle of trying to offer.
Company founder, our beloved father Rifat in the wake of the South, larger and more qualified to do business is our goal.



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